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Eskimo Design

The Loop

The Loop

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Introducing the Loop - Electric heated towel rail - your ultimate solution for damp towels. Its innovative vertical design not only warms towels but also flash-dries them efficiently.

Say farewell to bulky horizontal rails and hello to the sleek, space-saving Loop vertical towel rail. Elevate your bathroom with style and function with our designer white electric towel rail-

✔️ Dries 4 towels efficiently 

✔️ Simple construction – not liquid-filled like most heated towel rails – no leaks, no corrosion

✔️ IP 44 Rated

✔️ 10 years warranty on the rail. 2 years warranty on the heating element. 

✔️ 100% aluminium construction. Recyclable. 

✔️ Lifelong no corrosion warranty. 

✔️ Dimensions - 1000mm (Height) x 250mm (Width) x 132mm (depth).

✔️ The Loop ships with 220v components to UK, Europe & Australia.

✔️ All Loops shipped to the United States & Canada are shipped with 110v internal components.

✔️ Installation Instructions

  • 10 years warranty
  • Easy returns
  • Free UK shipping
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Luxury heated towel rail

Effortlessly drying and warming towels - Bring the comfort of heated rails to your bathroom.

The Loop is carefully designed to support the way most of us are already used to hanging or dying our towels. Also, it's designed to save you space no matter what is the size of your bathroom.

Perfect for every bathroom

  • Designed, engineered and made in the UK for perfection.
  • Dimensions: 1000mm (height) x 250mm (width) x 138mm (depth).
  • Low energy consumption, efficient with maximum heat output.
  • Technically innovative flash drying technology.
  • Holds up to 4 towels.
  • Completely safe to touch.
  • Non-slip powder-coated textured finish.
  • IP 44 Rated.
  • Hardwired by electrician 240V or 110v

The Loops Impact on your towels hygiene

Damp towels create a warm, moist environment that promotes the growth of bacteria and fungi, posing potential health risks. The Loop dries towels 3x faster, curbing bacterial growth & improving hygiene.

Bacteria and fungus can multiply when towels are left damp for a period of time, which can become the culprit of skin "infections, acne flares, and irritation. This can be avoided by keeping your towels fresh and dry.

Each piece meticulously hand-built for unrivaled quality

Every Loop unit undergoes meticulous hand assembly and rigorous testing by our team of experts in Birmingham, ensuring unparalleled quality before it ever reaches your hands.

Designed, engineered and made in the UK, The Loop optimizes towel drying efficiency, translating to significant savings on energy bills and your precious time.

The Loop Specs

WEIGHT - 9 kgs

DIMENSIONS 1000mm × 250mm × 132mm


BRAND - Eskimo Design UK

Made in - Birmingham, UK.

Warranty - 10 Years warranty on towel rail, 2 Years on heating element.

The Loop Installation Guide (USA/ CANADA)

Need a bigger rail? Try Gordon Double.

All the qualities of Gordon, double the strength. Dry up to 8 towels efficiently with Gordon Double. Available with a lead time of 2-3 days.

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How to connect Loop to a power source?

The Loop can be hardwired to an on/off switch, timer switch or hard wired to a fused spur.

When your electrician installs the Loop, your electrician can wire the unit to be controlled by a standard on/off switch, timer switch or 230v hardwired plug (110v for US/Canada variants). Many of our customers find the more efficient way to control Gordon is to have a timer that comes on 2 or 3 hours before using the towels (to ensure they are lovely and warm) and timed to go off 2 or 3 hours after using the towels (to ensure they are completely dry).

How did you determine that the Loop can dry towels up to three times quicker than regular rails?

We reached this conclusion by running multiple tests.

Our tests comprised warming the regular towel rails with their recommended heating element of 350w. Whereas, the Loop's warming element was just 200w.

The outcomes showed that to reach atmospheric humidity level, where all the towels could be considered dry, Loop required only 84 minutes while the traditional rail required 27 extra minutes. In terms of powerful utilization of the energy, it implies that the Loop requires just 43% of the energy when compared to traditional rails to actually dry the towel.

What is the lead time on the Loop?

The Loop has a lead time of 2-3 working days. Please allow 1-2 extra days for shipment in the UK, 5-7 days for international delivery.

Is the Loop safe to touch?

Yes, the Loop always operates under a safe temperature and is safe to touch.

What is the difference between a Gordon and Loop?

Gordon and the Loop operate on the same principles of flash drying technology. They share Eskimo's signature in-house developed internals and are mainly differentiated by their looks.

Efficiency - Backed by Scienced

Eskimo Products have been manufacturing cutting edge heating products in the heart of England since 2001. Give yourself a premium experience at home with our luxurious electric towel rails.