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Energy Efficient Electric Towel Rail - Gordon

Now available in 110v for all the US and Canada customer

Gordon flash dries towels up to three times faster than the traditional ladder rails. Good for bills, great for the environment. Each Gordon is hand assembled and rigorously tested by our team of experts in Birmingham before it leaves our facility.

Efficiency at its finest

Gordon can dry your towels up to 3x faster

Independent tests found that to reach atmospheric humidity level, where all the towels could be considered dry, Gordon required only 1/3rd of the time and only 43% of the energy required by other rails.


Promotes better hygiene

Gordon's flash drying technology ensures towels dry much faster than traditional means, significantly lowering the risk of bacterial infestation and skin issues caused by dampness. Experience a healthier and more comfortable towel drying process with this innovative approach.


Lifelong no corrosion warranty

Gordon towel rails use 100% dry technology, guaranteeing zero corrosion. Enjoy year-round soft, warm towels without any risk of leaks or corrosion.

  • Temperature

    Designed to operate at a constant Low Surface Temperature standard of 43°C ensures complete safety. The temperature will rise slightly when covered to minimise drying time and maximise efficiency.

  • Airflow

    This was the clever part… How do you promote the convection currents that will provide a constant flow of warm dry air over the towel? This is where our two decades of experience designing high-performance radiators combined with state of the art modelling techniques come in. It’s essentially all in the architectural design.

  • Humidity

    Traditional ladder rail design fail due to limited airflow. Horizontal towel hanging also traps damp air, hindering further drying. Gordon's towel radiator with long vertical fins exhausts humid air, replacing it with dry air from beneath, ensuring efficient drying. No more damp towels!

5-7 days US/Canada delivery

Shop Gordon with a US/Canada address and get access to our 110v variant of Gordon, delivered straight to your doorsteps within 5-7 working days.

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Two decades of heating expertise

Eskimo is a distinguished brand widely recognized for its exceptional proficiency in the manufacturing of heating appliances. With a rich history spanning over two decades, Eskimo has earned an unparalleled reputation for crafting high-performance towel rails and radiators. Over the years, the company has provided invaluable assistance to countless customers in achieving efficient home heating solutions.

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"Gordon has to be the most practical towel rack available in the market. With the same space where we struggled to properly dry a single towel, now we have been drying multiple towels much faster with the help of this new rack. Hands down the best design out there👍"

- Natasha Kaul