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Three Reasons Why You’ll Love Electric Heated rail -Gordon


Combining elegant design with unmatched efficiency, Gordon keeps your towels warm and ready to use, adding a touch of luxury to your daily routine. 


Gordon is designed to flash dry your towels 3 times faster than traditional rails. Save on electricity bills with shorter run times. 


Ranked as the best electric towel rail by multiple design and interior magazines across Europe and Australia. 


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Product Specifications:

  • 1000mm (Height) x 208mm (Width) x 111mm (depth).
  • Anti-slip paint coating, making sure no towel slips off.
  • 200 watts
  • 120v current flow
  • 7 kgs / 15.5 Lbs
  • Aluminium construction ensures rapid heat-up time
  • 4 standard colour choices with 2-3 days lead time. 
  • Colour match variant to match any colour of your choice - 3 weeks lead time. 
  • Single Gordon variant operating at 120 volts requires approximately 1.67 amperes.



Damp towels create a warm, moist environment that promotes the growth of bacteria and fungi, posing potential health risks. However, using Gordon, which is three times faster than traditional rails, can significantly reduce the time towels remain damp, directly limiting bacterial growth and enhancing hygiene.


Bacteria and fungus can multiply when towels are left damp for a period of time, which can become the culprit of skin "infections, acne flares, and irritation. This can be avoided by keeping your towels fresh and dry.


Designed to operate at a constant Low Surface Temperature standard of 43°C ensures complete safety. The temperature will rise slightly when covered to minimise drying time and maximise efficiency.

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Dry your towels 3 times faster than the traditional rails

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Technical Details

Eskimo Gordon

Gordon is designed to be 100% corrosion-free and ensures a long-lasting, pristine appearance and performance even in the most humid environments. The vertical design not only saves space but also adds a touch of modern elegance to your bathroom decor.


  • 120v 
  • Aluminium construction
  • Single Gordon dimensions - 1000mm (Height) x 208mm (Width) x 111mm (depth).
  • Simple construction –  no liquid filling as found in traditional rails- no leaks, no corrosion.
  • Rated IP44

Shipping & Return


Orders are shipped on business days only (Monday-Friday). For in-stock items (stock colours) depending on the shipping method you select, your order should be processed and ship within 2 - 3 working days after order verification and credit approval. Shipping to the US/Canada may take 5-7 working days. We ship all orders through UPS. 

Easy Returns

Easy Returns/Exchanges. Reach out to us within 14 days of receiving the item and we'll arrange for your returns with small carriage fees. We'll send you a new colour/variant or refund your money. Zero risk.

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100% recyclable products

Installation Guidelines

Please visit our installation page for detailed information on Gordon installation. 

Elevate your bathroom experience in 3 simple steps


01. Choose your preferred finish and size

Browse various colour and finish options available for Gordon and order your favourite finish. Unable to find your favourite colour? You can also choose any colour from RAL Colour library 

02. Hire a qualified electrician for the installation process

03. Enjoy fresh and dry towels every day

Keep your towels fresh and hygienic with Gordon. Prevent bacterial and fungal buildup that causes damp smells and potential skin issues. With Gordon, you can enjoy soft, dry towels every time you step out of the shower. Experience the luxury of perfectly fresh towels, every day.


Would my towels stay on top of Gordon?

Yes, 100%. GORDON is a friction coefficient product. Most ladder rails are chrome or their surface finish is certainly of a satin presentation. So they shed towels in a way that our non-slip fine textured coating selected never will. (Coefficient of friction is defined as the ratio of the force required to move to slide surfaces over each other, and the force holding them together)

How to connect Gordon to a power source?

Gordon can be used with a plug or hardwired to an on/off switch, timer switch, or fused spur. Many customers prefer using a timer that turns on 2-3 hours before and off 2-3 hours after using towels to keep them warm and dry.

What colour options are there for Gordon?

White: RAL 9016

Black: RAL 9005

Dark Grey: RAL 7016

Sandcastle: Feature Finish

All RAL / Farrow & Ball colour match options

Will Gordon heat my bathroom?

Gordon’s primary function is to warm and dry your towels very quickly and efficiently. The unit will give add some additional heat output, however, we don’t suggest you rely on it as a main heat source unless your bathroom is really small.

How did you determine that Gordon can dry towels upto three times quicker than regular rails?

We reached this conclusion by running multiple tests. Our tests comprised warming the regular towel rails with their recommended heating element of 350w. Whereas, Gordon's warming element was just 200w. The outcomes showed that to reach atmospheric humidity level, where all the towels could be considered dry, Gordon required only 84 minutes while the traditional rail required 27 extra minutes. In terms of powerful utilization of the energy, it implies that Gordon requires just 43% of the energy when compared to traditional rails to actually dry the towel. You can run Gordon throughout the year and still save up to £150 in energy prices when compared to traditional rails.

Can Gordon be installed on any wall material?

Yes, Gordon’s safe operating temperature and easy wall mounted bracket system means it can be installed on any wall material such as plaster, timber panel, tiles and MDF.

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